Friday, August 10, 2012

4th and Final for awhile

So here is my last ornament for now.  It was from the World of Cross stitch, they did this as a jar topper, but I think I can finish it off and hang it from the tree.

So here goes.  Next project.  New Start, I am taking a deep breath, stealing away some place where I will not be interrupted, and beginning this wonderful design - Medieval Mandala by Chatelaine.  I am working this on 32 ct (first) and starting from the center.  I hope to have a nice WIP to share next Friday, and not a picture of me crying... (well I am sure it won't come to that).


  1. Can't wait to see progress on your Mandala! It is a beautiful pattern.

    The ornament will be cute - congrats on that finish!

  2. I love the colors in the mandala, excited to see it started. Ive never done one of their designs (yet).

  3. Oohh, good luck with your new xs endeavor. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Just concentrate on each section... it's not as daunting that way.

    Congrats on your ornament finish :)

  4. That's a cute little ornamnet. The chatelaine is going to be a fantastic new start for you. Don't be afraid of 32ct it's quite nice to work on.

  5. The Mandala looks amazing, haven't seen it on any other blog! Have fun with 32ct, it's doable lol. Just take it easy!


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