Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heaven and Earth Designs Sale - GIveaway

So its the Annual 4th of July Sale at Heaven and Earth Designs.  AND 4th of July is the 2nd most important Celebration of the year for the Forbes Family - and this blog is Family Business.  AND because I have recently made a vow I would not purchase any more charts for myself until I have a finish, but the urge to purchase is killing me. SO,  I am going to RAK someone a chart. 
AND even if you do not celebrate the 4th of July, there are freedoms you must hold dear to you, even if you are not an American. 

And in order for you to win
1.  If you are not a follower, please follow my blog.

2.  Please comment on this post with a quick post about freedoms and equality, before 7/2 - and I will use an application to randomly select a winner.  I will not select a winner based on your response - but please do not respond with an ANTI American response, because this is a 4th of July gift and I think that would just be an incorrect way to win.  Oh there is one other little glitch - you must include the chart name (original value $19.00 or less) you would like in your response and explain why it reprsents Freedom to you.

I am proud of my roots. 
Red, White and Blue.


  1. Hi Melinda! Thank you so much for doing a giveaway, always love one! And dedicating it to freedom and equality is such nice idea. And at such a good timing. Not only is it soon the 4th of July, but the US healthcare law has been 'saved' yesterday!
    A step towards more equality for all americans! I hope I'm not offending anyone by saying I think its a good law. For me, born and raised in the Netherlands and now living in Sweden, such a law is such a given. Couldnt imagine what healthcare would be like without it, and atm its pretty great here. Affordable to all, without anyone getting stuck with huge bills and go bankrupt because they were so unfortunate to get ill. I think it's just great the US is moving to a similar system. As to freedom, that hardly needs motivating! Its great to celebrate this and make us all realize how lucky we are. Just turn on the tv and watch the news, and be happy we live in the US, Europe, or other free and save countries.

    If I am so lucky as to win, I'd like to receive Winged Things by Selina Fenech! One of my all-time favorite charts that I still havent gotten around to buying myself! I think flight (and thus wings) represents a feeling of freedom to many, as it does to me. Besides, its very pretty and that just makes me feel happy!

  2. What a great idea for a giveaway! I am from Canada, and we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st, in celebration of the formation of our country, and all the rights and freedoms that were earned. I think it is important for the younger generations (including myself!) to remember how our freedom came to be, through the lives and sacrifices of our veterans. So often we forget that they fought and died so we would have the freedom to worship, to vote, to have healthcare, and for the basic rights we now enjoy.

    I think the chart I would like to mention would be Ravene, by Marta Dahlig. It is one of my favourites, and to me, it symbolises freedom of expression, and to be yourself.

    Thanks Melinda, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  3. We don't really have any celebrations like that in the UK so it's always nice to hear about the celebrations you have overseas. We've just had the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the four day weekend that brought, loads of things going on up and down the country and on the TV. It was pretty cool!

    The chart would be Spirit Warrior by Laura Prindle.... it represents to me the freedom that everyone has within themselves to stand up, hold your head up high and be who you really want to be, not what other think you should be!

    Have a great 4th of July!

  4. Melinda, I have to say I love this idea for a contest. It is wonderful to celebrate the birth of our nation, especially as we are constantly seeing on the news the struggles of so many countries just now.

    For me Howling Wolves by Pinkney represents freedom and the spirit of those who fought for it. Don't know why it does, but to me it does.


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