Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Cross Stitch Update

 QS Yesterdays Gone.  This is a wonderful chart t stitch and you really can't tell the colors from this picture.  I think I have to start to take pictures with a camera and not my phone.  But I really enjoyed my stitching this week.  It is 22 ct hardanger 1 over 1 full cross.  I love this chart. 
I switched on Wednesday this week so worked two days on my Halloween picture.  When I look at this I must remember every stitch brings me closer to the finish, else I would go nuts as this is just an easy stitch for me, how come it still takes me so long to make my x's.

This was the week of my birthday, and I did not do well with it.  However, I am much better now that it is over.  School is over for my grandkids finally - Little League is in playoffs, Basketball is over for the summer - only softball left for now.  Planning our Big 4th of July Family Event. There is only one holiday greater than this one in our family and that would be Thanksgiving.  Not taking away from Christmas, but we seriously do BIG things on Thanksgiving and 4th of July. 

This week coming up I will continue to work on my Halloween project, seriously people, I want to try to get a few more stitches in until I give up on it for good.

The themed SAL at HAED BB is Wings, so I will be working on Fairy Foal Hatching.  I am in the mood for Orange and Browns - which will be the same colors as Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for Listening.


  1. Yesterdays Gone colors are lovely, though I think I would go blind with all that blending. Love the Halloween piece.

    1. I keep thinking I should be able to get through this Witches GO Riding piece in a short time, I hope to have it finished and hanging for Halloween 2012.... Fingers Crossed. Thanks for sharing

  2. Stitching looks great, you got a TON done on your new start!

    1. Thanks Ewa, trying to keep it as a focus piece - but I am so easily distracted we will have to see...


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