Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Rambles

All Kinds of Kind.  Miranda Lambert - Country

I love Miranda Lambert, but that is not what my ramble is about today.  This song, All Kinds Of Kind is very Miranda - and the lyrics are what they are - but when I hear this song, it makes me think.  Think about acceptance of others - and how important it is for us to STOP JUDGING each other, because we are different.

Am I without judgment - heck no, do I wish I was - of course, but I can't help but judge serial killers, or child abusers, or Cruel People, or people who stand behind their religion to bully others. 

And America - come on now - why did we all come here?  We came here for the Freedoms that were promised.  The Freedom to be me - to worship who and how I want to - even if it is not your God, or your way, the Freedom to think independently.  And with the privilege of these Freedoms, I had the responsibility and the duty to allow others theirs, within a framework of non violence toward others, and giving all others the respect that I would want.

I have spent a weekend reading and watching.

Reading the most rudest, evil and cruel things being posted on forums and social media where people hide behind technology to bully, harass or judge others.  I have deleted myself from several "Facebook Groups" and "Bulletin Boards".

I have watched Americans do rude and cruel things - now in my mind things were cruel, maybe a better way is to ask  - How to we treat the cashiers, bank tellers, servers who are trying to do the best job ever?  How do we disrespect the environment by litter, or leaving the parking lots scattered with shopping carts?  How do we deal with those who do not believe in my God, or follow my religion? How do we treat those who need to be able to make choices, I may not agree with?

I am proud to be an American - I vote every election - it is a privilege to vote - I worship a God that is just and all forgiving, and he loves me regardless of who I love, or how I love - as long as I love and not hate.  I wave the flag and I stand for the National Anthem, and I pledge to this Flag - because I believe this is the best place to be.

Home  Dierks Bentley.  This is the place we all call Home.

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