Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I will not eat Chocolate at Work Today

So its 11:00am my time.  And the cravings have begun, my co workers bag of Mini Chocolate Herseys candy bars is so very close, I can smell the chocolate I swear.  Now if I could only have one that would be okay, but I can't, and I know it.  And I know once I start those things, I can't stop.  My goodness, I love Herseys candy so much I actually have a Tattoo of two Herseys Kisses, yes that is correct, and why do I have two?  Because never in this life time have I ever had one of anything, not one kid, not one husband, not one job.... Well I have one dog now, but two cats........ 

But today I WILL NOT eat Chocolate at work, and I can't run outside and stand on the street corner, and say that it doesn't count, because I am not in the building....

That is a promise I am making too myself.

Happy May 1 -- Let us all hope up here in Central New York, the snow is over, as last Friday we were still getting it.

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