Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Cross Stitch Update

This is Forbidden Doorway as of the end of the week.  I am happy with this progress, and I really love working on this.  I have saved her face for the very end.  Not sure why.  I am becoming less rigid in my Cross stitch "rotations".  I believe I will be working on this lady a little every week, as I can see progress quickly and it's good for my soul.
This up coming week I am working on QS Tomboy this is with the HAED SAL - it is a SWIP.  SLOW WORK IN PROGRESS, is what I think it means.  I just know I have been working on her since 2009, and I WANT to finish her.  I love her - mostly because she is named Tomboy and I grew up as ONE OF THOSE.  In fact just beginning of this week, was driving by a school at end of the school day.  There were a group of kids walking about 7 little boys and 1 little girl.  Must have been about 8-10.  WOW that was so me.  With my older brother and friends.  Remembering Steve (taken way too soon).  So now you know why I am working on her.

And this week too I will be working on a NON HAED.  This is True Love II  - Couchman Creations, Karen Couchman.  I have been working on this project since I bet 2007. I am not joking.  I added a new page to my blog - it is my NON HAED WIPS and it has a picture of what this will look like when completed.  As you can see, I am so very close, and I WANT to finish it. 

Weekly Positive Encouragement from Reggie Leach "Success is not the result of spontaneoius combustion.  You must set yourself on fire....."  Where's that match?


  1. Lol, love the quote and you ARE SO CLOSE with Love II! You can do it!

  2. The tigers are amazing! Finish it and put it on your wall!!!

  3. Thanks guys. I did work a lot on my Tigers this weekend, Just have the tail left now, a little of the face and the tiny bit of grass at bottom. This design and very little backstitch so fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the encouragement.... It really does help.

  4. I'm playing blog catch up :) It's been a bit since this I'm hoping True Love II is finished now!

    Love your HAED SKs...for this year's SAL, my choices were to either do Forbidden Doorway or Blue Moon...I ended up swaying over to Blue Moon, but your stitching makes me wish I didn't!

    1. You are too kind... I did finish True Love - New post for today. I am so happy. I love Blue Moon - but I was worried it would be so much confetti, I would never get anywhere on it - but it will be BEAUTIFUL when finished. Great thing about the SAL we just need to keep posting our wips and we will get all the charts at year end... LOVE HAED. Thanks for Commenting...


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