Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A.C. Moore Floss Sale

So I am going to AC Moore tonight, I just can't pass up a DMC floss sale - 4 for a dollar.  I never have enough 310, or 3865, so at the very least I can always buy these colors - Just think it would be so silly not to go.

Debated whether or not I should get the floss for a new start, which will be silly, because I am not, I swear I am not, I mean, I really am not having a new start until I have a finish - and it may just be as small as a Christmas Ornament, but it is 2nd qtr 2012 and I have NO FINISHES..... 

I think I need to take some time, and sort through my WIP's and find a little something I can finish - this will make me happy.  Will post pictures - as it will have to be a NON HAED, and I have not posted any of those yet.  We will see..... Is it really important to have a finish?  If you asked me that question, I would have to say, well not really - but today I am thinking I need to finish something, before I start anything new.  This is just how I am feeling right now this moment..

Eating Right, Moving More, and Loving making X's

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