Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back to work after Vacation

Okay so Theresa and Huntley and JJ are in Jamacia, Heather and Brittney are in Georgia - to New Orleans.  Amazing - Raphael has completed the fix up of the attic - Melissa is working on Brittney's room.  It was 60 today so happy took a great walk up to higher Onondaga with Dakota.

So no comment about the brackets.  No comment about the Knicks. 

Watched a great movie - Chocolat - last night - if you have never seen it - it is a must It is definite a movie I could watch over and over again and I am moving it into like my top 25 list.  I was so intrigued I could not even stitch while I was watching, and you know how that goes - I always stitch and watch TV ----  did not even take a break.... Seriously --- Now I do love Johnny Depp - he fascinates me, but it was more than that, his part was very small.  5 Stars.....

Watching my most favorite TV show of the season Once Upon A Time   I really do like this show.  So many twists and turns - like tonight it is Little Red Riding Hood, and of course it has a great twist,  You gotta watch this if you liked Lost, or you have a great Imagination - and you can get drawn into Fairy Tales or time travel. 

But right now, I am going to get ready to stitch want to make some real progress on QS Tomboy

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