Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Madness Stitching.

There are my projects from March Madness Stitching.  Most of these are new starts.  My plan was - if I started something new this month, I would finish it before 12/31/2017.  I have to say, after announcing my retirement, I did get a bit aggressive.  Special Thanks to Kerry for hosting this wonderful Theme-tas-Stitch This month we stitched on as many projects we wanted to.

Prairie Schooler Folk Egg - Just Cross Stitch Magazine It's a Start and a Finish

continued work on Woneta.  She has more of a Skirt and the kitty is growing.  Also there is some of her face

Kathy Barrick, Girls, Christmas Gift for Daughter - New Start

I think this is Cross Stitch Crazy or World of (will Double Check) I am going to stitch all four of these in a bell pull. I have wanted to stitch these for a very long time - I love this Delftware

Update on my 12 days.  Restarted twice - Finally found fabric I liked and am stitching over 1 - lots of fractional stitches and they were too icky when I used two threads on this fabric.

Wildlife Stocking in hard cover Better Homes and Garden 2005 Holiday Memories book This will be for my Granddaughter special request from my DIL

Grandaughter's stocking 

Stoney Creek Autumn Bell Pull  I do not think this will be finished by end of year.

Picture of Completed Autumn Bell Pull

Game of Thrones - Cloud Factory Christmas Present for DIL (Mother of GD getting stocking)
This is Springlogy from Trilogy - I have completed Fall and Winter in this series.  I am only stitching Spring and the umbrella boots square.  I do not like this rabbit or sheep or basket and I will never finish this piece if I did all the squares.  Sorry this is sideways.  

I also worked the Wicked Doll at the Retreat


  1. Beautiful projects and nice progress.


  2. Love all the new starts and a finish already is pretty fantastic. I think you can make it, especially with the extra time after August. Love your idea on Springology to only do the 2 squares you like.

  3. You have gone a bit crazy! All good fun though. Hopefully you'll have more time after you've retired to get them all finished!

  4. Well you certainly fit the Madness criteria. So much going on for you this month. I like them all but would have to say my favourites are Woneta and the Game of Thrones wips. Good luck from one crazy stitcher to another.
    xo Alicia

  5. Wow, great work for the Month of Madness! Love the PS egg and the 12 Days. Those bell pulls do take a lot of work, Ms Oh Sew Crafty has been stitching them if you follow her blog.

  6. Wow! You've made progress on many projects.

  7. My you have been busy Melinda, it is nice planning for retirement! Everything looks wonderful - I especially love Woneta.

  8. Definitely March Madness! :) You have been having fun with your stitching needles. Congrats on the PS finish. I'm sure you can have most of them done by December.

  9. Melinda: I love the Prairie Schooler Egg so lovely.
    Many wonderful projects you have going.


  10. Lovely work and projects Melinda, pretty Folk Egg and Springlogy. The bell pull design looks interesting.

  11. Lots of great new pieces. I love the Autumn Bell Pull of course. I look forward to stitching that one sometime. Can't wait to watch these progress.

  12. O, this Easter egg is so pretty!

  13. Oh my, Melinda, so gorgeous to go through all the pictures of projects you have stitched on this month. Wonderful projects for March Madness, and even a finish.

  14. Oh, I do love that PS Egg!! I must stitch some of those, soon :) Lovely to see all you have in the works--Happy April to you!

  15. So many fantastic projects - Thanks for joining March madness! I love the egg. it really pops on the dark fabric.

  16. There are a lot of colour changes in the 12 Days, maybe that's why they are tricky? They look great though!
    As does Woneta and the wonderful folk art egg on black. I love stitching on black, the colours just pop.



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