Friday, February 24, 2017

Small SAL Check In February

It is the day to share our Small Sal at Stitching Lotus

Here he is.  He is a combination of two different motives I found in Cross Stitch and Needlework March 2009, while I was stitching my Easter Basket.  He is really very small.  I have blogged in the past about the crazy St. Patrick's Celebrations in my city - Syracuse New York.  The green beer arrives at the local Irish Pub on Tipp Hill.  In fact here in Syracuse we call it Green Beer Sunday  

And I just couldn't post about St Pats Day without mentioning again our Upside Down Traffic Light

If the weather is decent on Green Beer Sunday you will not even be able to drive the streets of Tipp Hill.  I will not be attending, but will celebrate at home, a little food coloring will do the trick.  

It is on to March Madness - for the States it is the Month of Crazy College Basketball ( I am a huge fan) and now my stitching will be crazy too.  Will post again next week with March Stitching plans.


  1. Congrats on the cute finish.


  2. What a cute finish! I loved the story of the upside down traffic light. Can't wait to read about your March Madness plans!

  3. Fantastic finish. How confusing to have an upside down traffic light?! I think they should fix that. I've seen some places have them sideways but upside down is new. Good luck with your March plans.

  4. You have done beautiful stitching shown here on your blog; had to look through it all and was nicely inspired!
    with love from Sweden,

  5. He is cute and the story is really interesting!

  6. great design and crazy traffic lights.

  7. I love your leprechaun! How crazy to have an upside down traffic light! I am sure everyone gets confused with that one.

  8. Very darling, this little guy. And what a funny traffic light.


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