Friday, January 27, 2017

1st Small Post 2017

So here is my first small finish of the year.
If you would like to join this wonderful SAL please visit Stitching Lotus.  It's a wonderful way to visit some great stitching blogs too.

 Yes, I found this potholder in my stash - I bet I have had it for 20 years.  And this little Gingerbread dude can be found in a very old Leisure Arts Magazine.  January was a great month to stitch from Stash.  I am having too much fun digging through my old stuff.  I am also happy, I have a fully finished object too!

I am Focusing on a Finish In February.  Please click on the link and travel to  Theme-Tas-Stitch 2017 SAL.  I loved the monthly stitching themes, so I signed right up.

I have two finishes in my WIP - these are also two things I want to finish for my FaceBook Year of WIP Challenge. So in February I will be stitching on - Ursula Michaels Easter Basket and Papillion Creations Celtic Beauty.

I started Easter in 2012 and Celtic in 2013.  I go to visit my grandkids each morning before school and to get them on the bus for their mom - I have about 1 hour to spar while I am there, so I bring stitching - Celtic Beauty will travel with me - It is a great travel stitch.  It would be wonderful if I could finish both of these - but I have not one true Easter design and so few Spring Designs I really would like to be able to display this finish before Easter 2017.  I will be pushing it.

End of Stitching.  And I just have a few pictures to show you from the March On Washington.  Hats off to all of the Sister Marches - Double Hats off to all of those International Women who also marched in their support.  I marched for the women who wanted to be there and could not - I am in no means suggesting all women felt the need to march.
Women from Canada were there - I ask permission to post picture

Women from Chicago were there - permission given to post this picture

The sign we carried - my friend, sister, friends daughter and niece

March on Washington 1/20/2017 I am in this picture with the yellow

The flip side of our sign.
This march was Empowering. And I believe this experience has changed my life.


  1. Cute gingerbread man. Don't you love it when you finish stitching and you're completely done? Nice choices to work on for finishes. Well done for getting out there and doing what you felt needed to be done.

  2. Those are some serious Spring goals - Good Luck!! Congratulations on being brave enough to go out there and march for your beliefs and being brave enough to post those beliefs on your stitching blog! Good for you!!

  3. I love your January Smalls finish.

  4. Great finish! Good luck on the other 2, and congrats on getting to the march, that's fantastic!

  5. Kudos for taking part in the march! Love your stitching!

  6. Great job for taking part in the march! Lovely stitching too!

  7. Love that cute pot holder! I'll be seeing you over at Theme-tas-stitch, both of your choices are great and I look forward to cheering you on!

  8. I can thoroughly understand you, Melinda. Browsing through our old stash is so much fun. I do that regularly and each time I find something that I want to start immediately. Particularly the magazines are a great temptation, lol.
    Love your potholder. And good luck with your Finish in February plan. Both WIPs look very promising.

  9. Thank you for your visiting! Your gingerbread man is really cut and the finishing is beautiful!

  10. Fantastic finish and a finished finish is an extra WOHOO! Good luck with both pieces in Feb! You can do it!!

  11. Great potholder finish and pretty Easter goals.

  12. I love the gingerbread man. And that Celtic piece is gorgeous!

  13. What a cute potholder! Congrats on your finish. I love your Easter piece, can you tell me the name of the designer?

    Thank you for marching for all women! Such an important cause and I truly appreciate ALL the women who marched both in person and in spirit.

  14. So that's a potholder! We call it an oven glove. I have always wondered, I thought it was a kind of insulated table mat maybe.
    Anything, kudos to you for marching! It really is empowering meeting like-minded women and standing up for what you believe in. My first demo was at the age of 12 when my Dad took me to protest against the factory where he worked being closed. Then I went to Greenham Common with a group of women. The Poll Tax was the really big one, a series of protests including supporting people for their day in court.
    Since the children came along it's been mainly craftivism and online petitions but I do feel the urge to take my 14 year old son to his first march this year.

  15. What an awesome experience it must have been to be at that march, you really were a part of history!

  16. Cute finish :o)
    How awesome! The march must have been an amazing experience (I love everyone's cute hats!) It is so important to stand up for our rights and stand against bullies! Hugs x

  17. Congrats on the adorable finish. Love all of your WIP'S.


  18. A lovely finish, I'm sure your daughter will love it. Great tenuous shoehorning!


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