Friday, July 8, 2016

It's Friday and I wish it would rain

I don't remember the last time I wished it would rain.  But the lack of rain in my neck of the woods has started to have a negative effect on everything, especially the local farmers.  So today there are promised showers, and I am going to be dancing!

My Week of Stitching --- Summer Sun = less stitching.

But I do have some finishes, some progress on one of my Longest Day Marathon WIPS, and a new start.

Lizzie Kate 100 Years.  - This is taking so much longer than I ever thought it would.  However I did get almost to the end of the top row and filled in some of the missing letters from the other rows. This baby has been put to rest now for a bit.

Here are my two little finishes.  They are both Nutcrackers - so my total for the year is now six.  I love my Red White and Blue Nutcracker.
The Purple Dude is from  a hard cover - Craftways - A Cross Stitch Christmas - A Heartwarming Holiday.  I wanted to do a Purple nutcracker and there are 4 in this book.  I just am not feeling this little guys arms, but I did fool around with those terrible French Knot Eyes.  I think when I do his friend I am just going to make his arm touch his body - just add the one column of stitches.

This is my new start - it is Summer Sampler and it is in the Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine and it is the July 2009 (or maybe it's called Summer 2009) issue.  This is  perfect for the Summer Family Picnics -- we always play Croquet with my Mom's and Dad's very old Croquet set - the one I had as a kid (and I have been around for a very long time) and I really like the colors too.

This is where I am after one day of stitching.

Once again my Country is in a terrible place.  I fear we will have another Civil War.

But today I will dance in the Rain and it's Friday.


  1. Wonderful stitching! We need rain too. It'll get cloudy but the rain dodges us. Stay cool!

  2. Great nutcrackers and you are right about the arms, more solid ones will look more realistic.
    The Summer sampler is lovely too, a nice seasonal start.
    As for the State of the Nation - your country and mine too. Our's is just imploding in waves of hatred and right-wing madmen (and women!)
    Fancy joining me in Canada? They seem quite civilised there!

  3. Maybe we should start our own stitchy nation where the most controversial subject will be if you prefer Anchor over DMC. Hope you get rain. We had a lot and a bit of flooding. Love the nutcrackers.

  4. Enjoying all your projects and well done on the finishes! Wish I could send you some of our rain - we're having a little too much.

  5. Nice stitching! We are getting a lot of rain today, which is good for staying home and stitching. I am saddened by all that is going on in the US and happy to be in Japan now.

  6. Troubling times indeed. I like the sound of a stitching nation. But who would do all the other stuff?!
    Your new stitch looks bright and cheerful to take your mind off all the negativity. Lovely sentiment on the LK stitch too.

  7. Great WIPs. Love the Picnic one. I just love bright fun pieces. Congrats on your two nutcracker finishes. Too cute. Yeah I've been hiding behind my stitching and trying to avoid the nastiness that is our world today.

  8. Beautiful stitching and I like your idea about the arms for the purple nutcracker. Having them right against the body would maybe look nicer, but how cool to have a purple nutcracker! Great start on your new one too.

  9. Beautiful little crosses.
    Lovely finishes and update.
    Love your new start. It's bright and colourful, perfect for summer fun stitching :)

  10. Such pretty stitching--love the saying on the LK piece :)

  11. Very pretty stitching, Melinda. You know, your comment re your country and the possibility of another civil war, is exactly what I was talking to my husband about the other day. It is so frightening for you all, I am sure.

  12. Beautiful stitching. Praying for peace too.

  13. Six nutcrackers already finished, that's not bad. And I love the summer-y look of your new project.
    Hopefully you did get some rain last weekend.

  14. A lot of areas have needed rain lately we finally got some on the weekend and today. I'm hoping today's rain will break the very heavy humidity we've had the last few days!

    Your finished nutcrackers look great! A good friend of mime would steal those!!!!

    Nice little new start there.


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