Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Day of WIP Stitching

What a day I had.  Jo,I had too much fun - also too much frustration.  I really do know why some of these projects are WIPS.... I had originally selected 19 WIPS.  I worked on 14 of them.  I thought I had a great plan and was very organized when I started.  Had a few stumbles along the way.  I am posting pictures only of the work completed.  Most of these before pic are on some page/post in my blog but in 1/2 of stitching - not much stitching difference but lots of insight. Please enjoy the pictures, no need to read all my descriptions - I wrote a lot of this for me - to help me organize my WIPS.
  Trying to keep the pictures small - In Order of how I stitched.  This is tribal wine glass.  Started 2012 maybe 2013.  stitched 3 little parts in the middle of glass - around the heart.

Thoughts After Stitching:  Am starting over with different fabric and different thread different colors would like it to look like a glass of red wine.

My 40 count -- I just continued on the very last EVIL White Stripe.  Again ripping out more than I stitched.  I am determined to finish this little tiny project no matter what!!!!!

Upside down Celtic Beauty (2013 DCC)  I love this - This was another Frog/Stitch project. There was a mistake in the border - I had to fix.  Was happy to finish the gold to the end of the top.  I will finish this one.  It has a lot of beads - I am not a great beader, but for some reason it is really important to me to finish all those I started for that challenge.
Finished the P - T.  Woodland Sampler - 2013 Challenge - Worked on this one earlier this year.  I will finish this.

Touching the Autumn Sky - 2013 Challenge  Before only the red stitches were complete.  This is my first and only ever started Mirabilia.  I love this design - It took me about 15 minutes to figure out where in the design these three little red bunch of stitches were. WHAT I LEARNED:  Always make sure when you put a project down you know where in the chart you need to start.  I knew it was in the center somewhere

 This is Joan Elliot I started this for the 2013 Challenge also - for some reason this picture was not on my original page for this Challenge so I added a picture of this - I love this saying but wish I had not started with the border.  It will be very pretty when finished even if all my kids are married a long time before this  It will not be done by September 3, 2016 the date of DD#3's Wedding - I am looking for a quick but very pretty little something to stitch up for her.
This is when I broke for Lunch with my Sister's who took me out for a wonderful Birthday Lunch.

 Patchwork Egg Basket - CS_N magazine Long ago start - one of the first evenweave projects.  I completed the top purple design - all one color - easy stitching.  Will Finish.

Liberty House - Leisure House - .  Did the red door.  I have been working in 2016 on this I will finish - this is one of those projects where everything is back stitched.  I am not doing the border, or anything besides just the house.

Around the World in 80 Stitches.  I completed nothing.  I have only the outline of the very first heart done.  I hate the fabric I started this on. And I am going to restart this one on a different fabric I think  I really want to finish this because of all the Specialty Stitches.

SamSarah 2013 Challenge start.  I don't like this fabric - but I do love this and love the colors.  Finished the star and a little bit of something else - was missing the correct color and spent too much time trying to locate  will Finish.

Dinner Time
2015 Start - Woneta  Worked on her green hand and the yellow on her skirt.  This I will finish will work on this one again soon.  It is tedious because I am not use to the big blocks of stitching the same color - and back in the day it seems that was all I stitched.  Wow how my stitching has changed over time.  I love this Witch - I love all witches really.

One Hundred Years - Lizzie Kate  Started 2015 Have cropped to show you what I completed in my 1/2 hour.  I really want to finish this for one of my kids.  I think it is a saying that is so important in the way we live our lives.

Stoney Creek Silent Night Cardinals 2013 Challenge.  Worked on earlier this year and for the longest time I had it upside down and couldn't figure out where to add the branches I had planned on stitching.  Finally figured it out.  There are two tiny little patches of brown branches I completed.

This is Lizzie Kate Belle - I started a challenge in 2012 to stitch all these guys one a month on the same fabric.  I got behind and have only a few left to complete.  This will be a shame if I don't finish.  I did more of her - the white a the bottom.

My Final piece of the day:

Yes there are stitches here.  This was my project for the 2015 retreat.  This was a year I took off from blogging - so there are no pictures of this.  There were three projects - the little strawberry - completed, the pincushion completed and the needle book.  The needle book - we had to baste first the outlines of the six pages.  Which was a very long process.  I had not stitched on anything since I finished the original basting.  The next step is to backstitch the actual frame of each page.  I worked on this backstitching - this was my first stitching on this since the retreat and it took me awhile reading the instructions and all.  This will be a beautiful needle book and I will finish this so there will be many more pictures.

If you have made it this far you have made it to the end of the day.  I kept out my most current wips to the last - and did not stitch on my RWB Nutcraker, God Bless America, my two LaDDa projects they are my most recently started and unfinished WIPS.

That is all for this post.  I do hope it will not take me so long a to pick up these projects again.  I have been in the New Start Something Small Enough To Finish mode - so we will see where my 2nd half of 2016 Stitching Joy takes me.  My goals are set 90% of the time with no END DATE.  So we will see.  Once again thank you Jo


  1. Glad you had fun and what a lot of project got some love. Thanks for showing LK's One Hundred years, I had forgotten about that one and I think I need to stitch that for my DD's teacher that just moved away.

  2. What fun! Glad you got so much done on so many projects.

  3. Nice progress on all of your projects.


  4. Melinda, wow! It looks like you had a fab stitching day - I am planning to do one of these marathon stitching days sometime in late July, if I can - hopefully my freelance work will have settled down a bit by then. Hard to pick a favourite project but probs that bright popping blue of Woodland Sampler and Liberty House.

  5. You really did a lot. And what a wonderful variety of projects.

  6. Great post, Melinda, and it was so much fun to see all these WIPs that you had pulled out for the marathon. You obviously had a fun stitching day and a fun birthday, too. Not wasy to choose a favorite as Kaye said. But for me it probably would be the Stoney Creek one. I'm a huge SC fan and when it comes to birds I'm always partial, lol. Do you have the intention to do this challenge again next year?

  7. Congrats on taking part on this fun project!
    You've worked on lovely pieces :)

  8. What a great learning experience! I am so pleased to have influenced you to do this too. I think my favourite is the Celtic Beauty, that's one I really want to see more of.
    I also struggled with one of my projects finding out which way up it went and even what colour I had used. The importance of making a working copy and marking it up!
    See you next year!

  9. It was great fun wasn't it. I love the blue of the woodland sampler.

  10. Sounds like you had a great day! And set some new goals and plans in place for your WIPS. I wish I hadn't been working or I would have joined you!

  11. what a fun way to get some WIPs worked on, maybe I should take note as I have a drawer full.

  12. What a great day of stitching! I enjoyed reading your notes on all your pieces. Hopefully you get to work on (and finish) some of these gorgeous WIPs again soon
    Hugs xx


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