Monday, March 28, 2016

The Shower is Over. So Relieved.

I think the shower was a success.  My daughter was very happy and a couple of times she was moved to tears.  It was a wonderful day, and went off without a hitch - which is major for any of our Family Events.    I am not an Event planner, they make me very nervous - even children's birthday parties put me right over the edge.  Now that it is over, I can relax and get back to my stitching goals.

Below are some pictures of my finished little diaper Center piece. Besides my Little Bear at the top, there are little yellow flipflops and socks that reminded me of the only socks my daughter would ever wear (we just called them Gym Socks). And then to use of up rest of my "back of the bear", First I created this Taggy -- You can click the link to learn all about what a taggy. 

Diaper Center Piece.
Little Taggy
 I took this design on this bib from a book mark - but seriously - I may be out of line here, but I really don't want my daughter to use something I cross stitched - no matter how small - as a bib - so I lined the back with more fabric, left the top open and but a little wash cloth and her binkies inside.

I still have so much of this fabric left - and I have about four weeks before the baby is expected - so maybe I can come up with a few more ideas.  Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

On a side note:
This is a picture of all the freebies I was gifted at the Retreat.  Both Saturday and Sunday morning we received a gift bag -- all of these were in Sunday mornings.

Because I live in the North East United States, we are starting our rainy cold muddy season.  So I will still be blessed with many indoor evenings perfect for stitching and with it being Day Light Savings time we have lots of extra daylight.  Enjoy the day.


  1. beautiful freebies, beautiful gift for the shower

  2. Wow, everything looks amazing, you are so clever K x

  3. Wow, everything looks amazing, you are so clever K x

  4. So glad that the baby shower went so well - you must be getting excited to be a grandma soon. Your diaper centre piece looks fantastic and also looks like you got some great designs in your retreat goodie bag.

  5. Lovely gifts for the baby Melinda. I agree that I would not want a stitched bib to be actually used either! Your idea for using it to hold dummies/soothers etc is a brilliant one. Lovely retreat goodies too. :)

  6. Great to hear that the baby shower for your daughter was a success. Your little teddy center piece looks awesome.
    Wonderful new stash that you brought home from the retreat.

  7. The pieces made for the shower/baby look terrific. Very creative!

    Great patterns in your goody bag.

  8. Oh wow! what gorgeous gifts :o)
    Love the baby shower pieces - the teddy is awesome!
    Hugs xx

  9. What a great centrepiece you made with the lovely bear.
    I quite agree about not using the bib for it's practical purpose!


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