Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016 Crazy Quilt Teddy Bear Update

Here is my My Teddy.  I only have his right leg left to stitch, and then I will have to stuff him.  That will be the frightening part.  This will be a great project then just some hand sewing.  I have to finish him this weekend.  Well that is my goal.

Next weekend is my Stitching Retreat - I am so ready for this three days away from work and home.

The next weekend is the Shower.  I am not sure if I will be able to get the little Cocoon Finished before the shower.  But the baby is not due until May.

I am attempting to create a Diaper Center Piece.  There are several on Pinterest and we are expecting a little girl.  How to make a Simple Diaper Cake   This is a great link I found.  As I look on line, I am wondering if I should just buy one already made.  But I have to give it a try first.  I hope to have pictures to show soon.  -- The below pictures are not my creations at all.  They were just images I found by doing a google search.


  1. wow Teddy è meraviglioso ♥

  2. Your little bear will be darling! And what a coincidence, I'm working on a project from that same magazine - I'm stitching one of the teacups from the bell pull design to make a pillow for a silent auction basket. (My mother "volunteered" me to help her make a basket, she is contributing a cute china teacup and some fancy teas. She wanted something pretty to fill the rest of the basket!)

  3. Love your bear - it's super cute, and so nicely done.

    Love the nappy (as we call them in the UK) cake - that's a really clever idea.

    k x

  4. the bear is so sweet. The nappy cake looks really great.

  5. Oh Melinda, this little teddy bear will be so sweet. And it's nearly finished.

  6. The teddy is looking great, but quite complicated to make up and stuff. Good luck.
    Have a great time at your retreat and the baby shower. We expect a full report of both!


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