Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

And Leap Day It Is.

Leap Year is just crazy to me.  It is sort of like Day Light Savings Time.  I know there must be a good reason for it -   But then I guess Day Light Savings Time was Created by man.  And Leap Year really does have to do with Nature - the Earth Orbiting the Sun and all. 

But here we are.  And today has started out to be just a little out of the ordinary.  It was almost 60 when I woke up early morning. -- Unseasonably Warm for February in Central New York..  I took my dog for her morning stroll and somewhere along the way I lost my keys.  Strange  - but the stranger thing is my door was opened, and I don't remember opening it. So did I not lock the door?  Did I really have the keys and then I lost them in the house?  Too many questions.  
I finally gave up looking for them.  My sister has a key.  I will be able to get a copy made.

So I get to work, and my sweater is on inside out.  My manager asked me if I knew...It was a funny conversation.  But seriously - I left the house with my sweater on inside out.  So I am really expecting at least one more surprise today.  We will see.

Very little stitching this weekend.  Planning a baby shower for my daughter. The Shower is on March 26th, yes that is Easter Saturday - and my Stitching Retreat is the weekend before.  SO  I have two February Stitching Goals, and one Knitting goal.  Start and  Must finish the baby Baby Cocoon - I think these are so cute  -- And there are ton of different ones on pinterest  .  And then finish the little Cross Stitch Teddy Bear.    This Teddy Bear is in the April 2010 Issue of The Cross Stitcher Magazine and it is title the Crazy Quilt Teddy Bear.  I think this should stitch up pretty fast.  It is on 14 ct Aida - So the counting will be easier for me as it is over one.  This is the same fabric choice as the one in the picture.  Enjoy your day!


  1. I hope that you find your keys and good luck with the baby shower and all.

  2. Scary finding your door open and always best to have a spare key. Exciting about your baby shower, hope you show photos.

  3. It is supposed to be lucky to put your clothes on inside-out. So maybe you will find your keys now!
    Cute baby cocoon and teddy bear.

  4. I hope that leap day didn't have more surprises for you, lol.
    The little teddy you want to stitch for the baby shower is so cute.


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