Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's Almost Christmas

It's almost Christmas and all is well.  I am ahead of schedule on all counts.  Presents are wrapped and all that is left are those few things I leave on purpose for Christmas Eve.  Seriously, I don't know why, but I love the last minute Christmas Shopping.  

This is my first year without a child - since I moved and left my two youngest daughters in the large family home, into a very tiny - one person size house (one of the many memories of 2015) this is the first time in 40 years it will be just me and a dog.  Me moving was the only way it seemed I could get that "Empty Nest"  Someone was always moving back home - so!!!.  It was funny trying to fit all the Christmas decorations in my new home - so I had to leave several of them - that was sad.  But the over all peace of living alone was well worth it - now this is me - Having had six kids, and now 10 grand kids - Peace and Quiet is good. 

New Year, New Traditions:
Christmas eve will be with my sister and friends.
I will travel Christmas day - dropping off the presents at each house - all my kids are local, That will be fun to see all the presents at each home and individual attention to each family.

I am having a open house on New Year's day.  And I have invited them all - fingers crossed they stagger their time of arrival and departure, because there is no way everyone will fit in this house at the same time.  But I do have late and early risers so I am pretty sure we will be fine.  Just soups and chili - so it will do well to the eat when you get here thing.

Book Club:  
Last finish - A Room with A View - I loved this read.  After I finished I watched the movie.  I usually don't like love stories - but this one I did.

Next Book:  To Kill a Mocking Bird.  That is the CNY Book of the Year for 2016, which is why our Book Club is reading it.  I have read this book I bet about 5 times - the last time was only in the fall, One of my favorites,  

Stitching News;
As everyone else it's been limited so I am a little far behind with my December goals - but that is pretty normal for me - so at least with the holiday season I have lots of good reasons.

First up - My WIP from a Crazy Cross Stitch Start I did in 2013 The fabric is black and this is a terrible picture - I hope the next shot will be better.  I have a 2016 goal to finish three more of those I started in 2013 This is from a Leisure Arts Magazine - February 1993.  That has been a very long tine on my todo list.  The thread is DMC 3844.  I really like the blue with the black.  Below is a new start - Trilogy - Winterology. The 2nd in the series I am doing - hope to finish this and Spring and Summer in 2016.  I am blogging from home so no picture editor and my WIP is as you can tell standing up and it should be lying down.  

Final note:  I do celebrate Christmas - it represents a big part of my Faith.  It is a time of Good Will towards ALL and my wishes for peace and joy are not based on how I worship, or what this day means to me - I only hope that we call all find a way to celebrate all of our neighbors, and keep kindness and love in our hearts.


  1. Congratulations on your new home! Love that you think out of the box. Lol Have been watching Tiny Homes for months now. Not sure I could pare down that much. Your stitching is fantastic! Merry Christmas

  2. Why not create some new traditions? Good for you that you now have an empty nest. I hope you didn't have to downsize on your stitching stash, lol.
    That red sampler is so beautiful. I know that I also have it in my stash, and I have already seen parts of it stitched as ornaments.
    Have a great Christmas Day and good luck with your new traditions.


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