Monday, November 16, 2015

Stitching Update

December HandsOnDesign Update

Welcome Update
After having to frog and stitch the little House more than once, I discovered it is best if I do this stitching in Daylight.  I am not sure why I am having difficulty with December, seeing the holes.  Am not where I want to be with this piece but there is always a silver lining.  I spent all my after dark stitching hours working on Welcome and am almost finished.

I don't know why my image is not landscaped.  It has to be I bet with the original camera shot.  I did mess around and try to fix it -but could not figure it out - when I few it in picture manager it is correct.  Any help or suggestions will be SO thankful for - this is not the first time I have had this problem.

What a grand and glorious weekend in Central New York.  Not so great on the Football Scores for my favorite teams -  SU Football  or Cleveland Browns   But my love of my teams is certainly not built on winning.

Am getting recipes ready for my Thanksgiving Breakfast - this is the meal I make for my family, and since all my kids are local, they will usually try to attend - then I take turns for dinner.  This year I am having dinner with my two youngest daughters. My ex husband will be in attendance - a day to count my blessings -- the major one being we can remain friends and not be married.

World Events.  Continue to sadden me.

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