Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24th - Special Day

This is the day - six years ago- my rescue dog Dakota came home with me.. Can't imagine being without her.  She is the best.  If you are thinking about a new pet, please check the Rescue Places First.  These are the best animals - just looking for a family.
Dakota and Rescue Cat Cleveland - He has been with us about two years.  Best of friends and as you can see they are just chillin.


  1. Aw beautiful puppy and kitty! I have a rescue kitty and we hope to get a doggie in the next year or two, when we no longer live in the city. Our plan is to get a rescue but I told my OH he will have to go and choose because I would want to bring them all home!!

  2. We get all our dogs from the shelter - it is the best way. Our Bowser looks just like your Dakota except someone cut our dog's tail off when he was a puppy.

  3. Forgot to say happy anniversary to you two!

  4. Happy anniversary. What a cutie. I agree rescue dogs is the only way I would go too for a new pet.
    Alicia xo


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