Monday, August 26, 2013

August Has Been Amazing

However, it has left me little time for stitching or blogging.  I really miss the reading of blogs, more than blogging - but it seems I have not even had much time for that.  I wish I could say it was because I was being totally productive, but that would not be quite correct.

I have been going many places - The Windmill Farm and Craft Market.  That was an amazing day.  So many crafty things, so many things that so reminded me of my mom - For example

Crazy - I am really not sure what she ever used this for, but I think they must have been pretty popular.  I decide I was going to do my whole kitchen over, it's time for some home improvement, no pictures, just a ton of ideas.  We will see.

Went to this great Winery - The Apple Station

All the wine is made with Apples.  Bet you couldn't guess that!! However, these wines are what I call an around the pool, lazy day sipping beverage.  You really aren't going to have this with a meal - or in a fine restaurant, but I will go back here for more wine.  As you can tell by the bottle. This was my favorite, so of course I did make a purchase.

I had the most amazing visit at my LNS - A Stichers Garden. Dani, A Fellow Blogger and Erin,  who also has a wonderful blog met me there.  It was so wonderful to meet women who cross stitch.  I know so very few, I can't really explain what a great time I had.  Of course I did a little shopping,


Dani was very helpful in locating a special chart for my sister, - Lizzie Kate's Ask me About my Grandkids - Amanda, from Samplers Silks and Linens  had first told me about this chart, and Dani was able to locate it while we were at the shop.  Now all I have to is stitch it sometime very soon, as the due date is fast approaching (September 11 - that's a date we will never forget). 

I have no stitching to show, have not worked on any of my SALS, and I am OKAY with it. 

My daughter has moved back home for about a year - she wants to pay off her student loans (well she won't do that in a year, but I can help with giving her "Free Room and Board".  She has finally gotten her own classroom - 5th grade... She is a tenured teacher, but did not have her own classroom so this is a great thing.

Went to the Great New York State Fair, and saw Toby Keith - Hammer Down.  It was a great concert.  But I do like Toby. I am just a little bit country.

And last for this post - this is not political, so please don't go there.  However my daughter works at the Auburn New York YMCA and while she was there last Friday, check out who was there working out.  That's is correct, the PRESIDENT.... and that is a WOW!!!!. 


  1. That market is definitely something I would enjoy have been busy, but it's all good, right?

  2. Sounds like you have been having fun. You can stitch when its cold and rainy.


  3. It was sooo awesome to meet you in person and I'll be sure to let you know when I'm in the area again! I need to blog about my trip there.... I need to blog about a lot of things!


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