Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Stitches and More

Back in 1994, I would do a lot of Round Robins, the World was different then, less Internet, more Magazines.  I joined this group through a Magazine.  I am the top Right - this visited Texas, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and California before it came back to me in NY.  This picture does not due it justice, but it is one of my most treasured pieces. 
This has to be the first "larger" Halloween Stitch I completed.  I love black cats and witches.  I know this was in a Magazine - I can't seem to find it now to give credit to the designer but it was a very fun project and the colors were wonderful

He's Finished.  Just in time - well the Stitching is finished - Not sure how if he will be finished, finished by Christmas, you would think I have plenty of time, but I am a terrible finisher.  This is from the Leisure Arts Publication The Stockings Were Hung.

This is Fall Hangup - and so I did a try a little something different - and yes the bottom is uneven, because I did not count correctly on the way down, so it is uneven.  I can't think of anything I hate doing more than Frogging, and I am perfectly happy with things not being perfect.  So there it is.  sortof.  


Stay tuned tomorrow for the unveiling of my 2012/2013 Fat Guys and Snow Belles SAL fabric and threads.  Until then I am going to be updating my Crazy Crossstitch 2013 challenge Choices, (CC2013CC) for the 115th time.


  1. Oooh, that witchy boot is fabulous! I think I would wear that, lol! I'm also a terrible finisher. I think it's because I get so excited about the next project. Your finished fall hangup looks lovely and it's not uneven, it's artistically redesigned. :D

  2. Some lovely designs there! I can see why you like your RR so much, there are some great designs on it.

    I have just discovered your blog through your comment on mine and have become a follower. Your stitching is lovely and I am off to discover all the other things you get up to!!!

  3. Love your RR Melinda! It looks fantastic. Good luck with your Santa stocking - can't wait to see it finished.


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