Friday, July 6, 2012

Non HAED Update

Halloween Witches Go Riding Update.  I am going to continue to work on this NON HAED WIP for the Summer and hope it will be finished by Halloween 2012.  It is a very easy project for me, when I can work on in the car waiting, or at a picnic etc.  There is only nine colors so the transport of the project is very simple and it is easy to pick up and put down without losing my place.  So here is the update of the past two weeks.  Did seriously mess up the right side of this design - but I hate to FROG, so I just went with the flow and made some adjustments, and since the world knows I am SO NOT A PERFECTIONIST, this will do just will just be a little lopsided....


  1. This looks like a fun in between project and I love the fabric.

    1. Will post an update soon - it seems I have been spending more time on this project than any of my wips.


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