Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012

So it snowed - yesterday - so in Central New York, Syracuse to be exact - when we average way over 100 inches of snow a year, we now have about 40.  I am tired of mud - but it's March - and it feels like November - I know I should not complain, about this winter - but I so wish we had snow - no kids sledding, no snowmen, no snow.....  Rain- lots of rain and mud - like we already had Spring.

So I have updated my cross stitch page - with my Heaven and Earth Designs 2012 goals - I am thinking I will need more than one page for Cross stitch - but I have to keep the main posting on the front page

Also updated my Sports Rambling - but I have to figure out how to put the labels on the pages. 

Notice I did not update  yet my healthy eating and moving for me page - oh you could not find that one - jeesh - guess I should create it, since it is a focus of my life....  Well maybe later.

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