Tuesday, March 27, 2012

General Hospital

I love John McBain - I love him in Port Charles, hope this means he will stay away from Natalie, wish I could figure out why I so do not like them together.  Maybe why I wanted Lucky with Chevon (spelling?) - Jason with Sam, Carly with Shaun (who has completely disappeared). 

I hope they can save General Hospital... I know you can't please all of us, and even if my favs, fall in love with others, I have adjusted over the years - and continued to watch GH - no matter who loves who, or who comes back from the dead - or is not really dead - wish they would say Cassandra is still alive, and that was just part of the Ethan con ----  and so happy Robin is stuck locked away some where by someone who wants to get back at Anna or Robert - or something - they just snuck her out the back door of the lab - we all know this could happen.  Hell, remember in All my Children with Jesse - they even had a whole plot where he played a ghost and heck he came back to life.... Love Soap Operas.  for real

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