Friday, March 16, 2012

Cross Stitch Weekly Update

So this week has ended and here is a new picture of Heaven and Earth Designs QS Tomboy.  After reviewing this chart - it is small, well small as far as HAED goes - it is a QS and I only have one almost full and two half pages to go to complete.  Seriously!!!!!  So I have set my heart on completing this and I know I may not finish it this year, and I know if I do, I will not complete my other 2012 goals because all my time will be with her - but isn't she one of the reasons I feel in love with HAED - Yes she is.  And the love of HAED has brought me so many places - so I am going to work on her again this upcoming week.. The HAED SAL for the week - week 3 is the detail/confetti week - she has little of it, she is a b/w with only about 18 colors and there is not nearly as much confetti here - I could not say I was doing a weeks worth of it for sure straight - so I am just going to continue to work on her - and I hope at the end of next week I can have finished this page - it is over 1000 stitches.  I have set a new goal for myself and that is 1000 stitches a week - that is lets say 10 hours a week.  That can fit into my schedule I am sure. 


  1. Thank you so much - Your comment will encourage me to keep going,

    I jumped over to page two this weekend and worked on the background for awhile, I found it helps to stay motivated because I can color in big blocks on my printed out chart.

    Thank you for your comment.


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