Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope all of you are feeling loved today.  I am, as I am so blessed with kids and grandkids.  The day was not the best for Brittney and Heather, disappointed for sure, but you know what they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.  Brittney is right, everything happens for a reason,so there must be one.  
New Topic  This is the latest update of SK Treasures, Heaven and Earth Designs.  This week I am working on another Heaven and Earth Designs - Fancy Dancing by Teri Rosario.  I will post a picture on Thursday..  For all Heaven and Earth designs please check link on my favorites. 

Would be wrong not to mention Jeremy Lin #17 Knicks have to do that.  He is making a believer out of several non - believers, my Knicks have won six in a row.  And might as well mention here, once again, how upset I am that MSG and Time Warner could not do something to resolve their differences.  Which is amazing and I am sure this will all even out, but right now it is fun to be a Knick.  Talking about basketball SU just beat Louisville last night and they just did not seem to be there.  So glad they were able to beat both Pitt and Louisville Scoop and Joseph's Sr. Year. 

Loving, loving, my Color Nook.  It fits my needs perfectly.  Should spend more time reading and less time playing Solitaire, but it does make me happy.  Talking about reading Scottish Prisioner by Diana Gabaldon is very good for me.  Do I miss Claire, yes I do, but I also love Jamie and I also know I would love most anything she would write.  She does keep me interested, but do believe I should read once again the whole series before her next book.  There are so many books to read in so little time.

Love the new TV show on abc Once Upon a Time.  I really am addicted to it - hope the storyline stays this exciting.  Trying to keep up with Alcatraz on Fox, but it is harder. Both of these shows seem to have ties to Lost.  Love the introduction of Belle on Once - it is Claire from Lost. 

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