Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Place

The world of Blogging  is my "Happy Place".  In the writing of my blog, and more important in the Reading of blogs.  Blogs from all over the world.  How much to learn about culture, food, customs.  Yes this is my Happy Place.

I am reminding myself of this especially today, because of all of the nonsense that is happening in my wonderful country.(the not so United States of America)  That was built on Freedoms (and we brag about it) and these basic freedoms with a guarantee to all of us,  - and since we with glass houses often times throw stones it is good to remember if you are free to be you, than I am free to be me.

I am very excited to share my latest finish.  Stoney Creek Welcome - Plop Your Flops. This I started just about a year ago and finishing it was a 2016 Goal..  It's Done.  I had so much fun doing these Flip Flops -  They are a true a sign of Summer in CNY and everyone wears them.  I think I am going to do a bunch more as Smalls in many different designs.  I know that will be too much fun.

This Is Nutcracker #3 -  this 1s a 2016 yearly goal to have completed 12 Nutcrackers by 12/25  - This little guy will look just like Mr. Green and Mr. Blue, but you guessed it dressed in Red.

I was so excited on my Plop Flops Finish, I pulled out another WIP.  I started this for Debbie's Ultimate challenge of 15 New Starts back in 2013. (I thought 15 new starts was crazy, so for all of you who start each year with these Challenges I am too impressed.) I have only worked on it once.  This is too a Stoney Creek Design. So here are Silent Night Cardinals  - Fingers crossed they are not as much Trouble as Cardinal with Candy Cane - We will see.When I do these designs the changing of colors are so crazy.  I have pulled out all the greens, and threaded needles for all the colors - it seems to go faster as there are all these little bits of stitches all over the place. I have to stitch next to each other as much as possible - If you look up above to Mr. Red, it took me about 10 minutes of counting and recounting to jump over to put that other column of green stitches in.  I was a mess.  And that is an easy fabric to work on.  SO.  I am on a mission to see how much green I can get done over the next few days.

  I will always have a Stoney Creek design in the mix - these were one of my first Cross Stitching passions and I still get a Feeling of Peace whenever I am stitching one of them - and I still subscribe to the Magazine.


  1. I love Stoney Creek designs, unfortunately the magazine is not that easy to get here in Australia. Your plop your flops finish is very cute.

  2. Love the finish! I'm a Stoney Creek fan as well - have had a subscription for years and plan to keep it up as long as they do them.

  3. Cute finish! I like the winter cardinal scene also.

  4. Congrats on your flip flop finish!
    Love the cardinal start, it's going one beautiful piece.

  5. Love the colourful flip flops.

  6. What a cute finish!

    You are so right about the US; doesn't seem like people are not coming together like they should be. Hopefully one day we will get it "RIGHT" and let people be free to be who they are while creating a happy and united front.

  7. It is sad what has happened to the US I am 65 and seen many changes and not very happy about it.
    Love your Plop Your Flops so cute.
    Silent Night Cardinals are one of my favorite Stoney Creek designs.
    Love the start on Nutcracker.


  8. Elections years are always difficult, we had our's last year and it was horrible.
    On a more pleasant note - did you see your President meeting our future Kings? One of them was allowed to stay up past his bedtime and meet Barack in his dressing gown. Prince George, not Barack Obama - he wore a suit LOL
    The flip flops are so cute, my son would snigger at the word "plop" though!

  9. Congratulations on your finish. Hope it gets noticed above your stash of summer flip flops! Good luck working on the cardinals. Maybe the confetti stitching won't be that bad! :)

  10. Love the flip flops - we call them thongs down under and it causes all sorts of problems with our international friends LOL! I completely understand how a finish no matter how small can give you a bit of fire to complete other outstanding wips. Good luck and have fun with all your stitching.
    xo Alicia

  11. Oh I love the flip flop piece. Even though I don't like wearing them they remind me of the beach. I love working on Stoney Creek pieces but you're right the color changes can get a little much. Good luck with it though. It's a beautiful piece.

  12. I hear you on Stoney Creek. I *love* their designs and always have one among my WIPs. But they are all very detailed and don't use just two or three greens but at least 10, no matter how small the piece is, lol. And I must say that this is exactly what I love about them, all these shades of one color, fantastic.
    The flip flop piece looks gorgeous, and your new cardinal project too, of course. I have already seen it, it might be in my stash pile.


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