Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Monday March 5 and we have snow

Okay so it snowed today - excellent, however isn't this a little late, very thankful the weather in CNY has been quite calm, and my thoughts and prayers, a million times over go out to the people in the MidWest who are suffering because of the recent Tornados...

So this weekend I watched General Hospital on Hulu - all 5 days at a time.  I have believed from the start Kates other personality shot Sonny - not sure if that is who it is, but would love a reason to get rid of her.  Not that I don't like her, cause I do, as a character, but I have never liked this character with Sonny and I think it will be great fun if she shot his butt.
I am very excited to see the OLTL characters on General Hospital.  I have always loved Blair and Todd, Star grew up to be great and John McBain has always been my heart throb.  He is dark and mysterious and has a troubled path, my dream come true.  I had stopped watching OLTL a couple of years ago - I had to make a choice and pick one of the ABC soaps and because General Hospital was my favorite - I stayed with it (I have watched it forever).  I just felt I was spending too many hours watching soap operas.   But I figured 5 a week would be just enough.
I am sad about many of the story lines - I was so hoping for a Carly/Shaun thing - I was thinking he would be the man that could entice her enough to leave Sam and Jason alone - I was hoping Sonny would leave the crime to others, Jason would be good again (cause I love him, but seriously, how can you love a cold blooded killer).  I also love Ethan - and agree with Maxi about Elizabeth.  Anyway this is so enough about General Hospital

Talking about TV, have you seen Once Upon A Time - that is my favorite show -- love, love it.  Each week has a brand new story, just when you think you may have it figured out, they flip it on you.  Would love to know, did that author that came to town, change the pages in the book - I thought he did, but not sure - guess I should go to a blog or something.,..
Heaven and Earth Designs - I am so excited my mini request has been charted - Pirate - Fenech - and will purchase before days end.  I do think if I have a new start this year, this will have to be the one.

SU finished the season with a 30-1 record.  We just have to make it to New Orleans to the final four.  Am starting to think I will be very sad at home this week, when my good friends are all down in NYC at the Blarney and Madison Square Garden - Hoping SU wins, and if not then of course Marquette, or my long shot St. Johns - even USF would be great.

I really do not like the Knicks to lose, but it is even worse when they lose to the Celtics in overtime.  So sad.

Journey 2 was a great movie, took the grandkids - and I think it is a must see and you must see in 3d.

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