Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tracking - Weight Watchers

Okay, so this is not to influence anyone to join Weight Watchers, but since I had great success losing my weight through Weight Watchers I feel connected to this program.  It was easy for me to follow, and to lose weight and to never, ever feel as if I couldn't have what I wanted to eat.  Sometimes it was as simple as just eating less of it.

BUT anyway - that is not the reason for this post.  Tracking - even if you do not do Weight Watchers, it doesn't matter what plan you are on, if you want to lose, you have to burn more than you eat.  It is a very simple concept - and the only way I know how much I eat, is by tracking, because then it is there in black and white, and I can't pretend I didn't eat something  or fake it when I get on the scale and wonder why I am not losing.

But that is still not the point, the point is in my tracker they have little bits of advice each day, and todays tip was
'Did you Know? - Get your rest.  Not getting enough sleep has various negative effects on health and has been linked to weight gain and obesity."  How many of us get enough rest?  How much is enough?  I heard between 7 and 9.....  Think about that  Please Please Please if you quote me on this make sure you give the props to Weight Watchers - it is their quote... Thanks all

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