Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Start - or Retired Artist WIP

Heaven and Earth Designs - 5th Weekend of the Month SAL - Choices, Choices.......

Love my Unspoken /Julie Fain, it is only background, and it would be a good project to take with me to the Seminar while I take care of Jazarah while Theresa is working.  The whole page has only like three color changes - so it would be very easy to do while watching my grandbaby..... 

But a new start - my goodness, I know if I spend too many weeks doing different projects, I will never complete my 2012 goals - and I have so many new start wishes, I know I would pick one, that does have a start point with few color changes, so I could easily keep my place, and not mess up while keeping Jazarah, happy - she is only 4 months old, so she will be very easy to watch...  I have a few new starts put aside - so I will see - have to decide my tomorrow, as I am leaving Thursday -

I also struggle with so many other unfinished projects, and so many are not HAED, and I still want to do finish those.  I just don't know - I really do want to finish something in 2012. 

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