Thursday, January 5, 2017

And we Begin Again 2017

I started the year with another Finish One Hundred Years.  Started in March 2015 and Finished January 1, 2017.  And this was one of the hardest projects I have ever finished.

There are so many mistakes - the letters are all messed up.  And I frogged so many times, I finally stopped and just thought - you have two choices, 1.  Throw this piece away or 2.  Read it - and if you can understand what it is saying, then just finish it.

I picked the 2nd choice.  I believe I have not mixed up any letters, or misspelled the words.  I hated this fabric and the browns (there are two different) look so close to me, I kept using the wrong one.

But 100  years from now, it will not matter the threads are messed up, the letters are the wrong sizes, some of the m's are different, there are too many, or too few spaces between the words - They will just know I survived the stitching of this piece and went on to have many more wonderful stitching finishes I loved.

My 2017 goals are 

1.  To post every month in the Small Sal I joined.

2.  To stay within my stash project.

3.  To finish 10 more projects in my Year of WIPs challenge, and to finish the year with 10 or less WIPs.  However, I may decided some of these WIPS will never be Finish and send them off to wherever all those Never to Be Finished by Original Starting Stitcher Go.

4.  To create 12 new Gingerbread Ornaments/decorations for the 2017 Holiday Season.

On a side note I am planning on attending One Million Woman March in Washington D.C. on January 20th.  Fingers crossed the weather is pleasant.  This is on my bucket list - to be in D.C. for on  inauguration day.  I feel very strongly about the future of my beloved Country and as the mom of 4 daughters - well enough sad.

Happy Sttching. 


  1. Melinda: Happy New Year I love the saying it will not matter to me either if I am here in 100 years, I do not see any mistakes, the letters look good to me.
    I wish I could be at Inauguration Day, I am also hopeful we need a change here in the USA.
    I have set goals but not posted them yet.


  2. I have heard that saying before and love it. Glad you will have a finish.

  3. Happy New Year! Great plans for 2017! I will be with you in spirit in DC for the One Million Woman March.. I hope that you have a great day and stay safe :o)
    agree with choice 2... in 100 years no one will be around to pick out any mistakes you made - they will just see a lovingly made finish :o)
    Hugs x

  4. Hi Melinda, Happy New Year...

    It's beautiful and I love your resolutions - I will watch your blog with interest.

    K xxx

  5. Congrats on the finish! Sorry it gave you such pains. It sure looks beautiful now. Good luck with your 2017 goals!

  6. Happy New Years! Congrats on your lovely finish! Beautiful saying! Great plans! I'm hoping to finish a few of my WIPs this year and post each month for the Smalls SAL as well! Looking forward to seeing your goals realized!

  7. Congratulations on your finish. I think it is wonderful. I also have projects that I struggle with and make mistakes but I look at it as a learning experience.

  8. It's especially gratifying to finish something you've struggled with. Well done! Ad I think it looks great.

  9. I think that's a wonderful finish! Good luck with your goals. I consigned some projects to the Never to be Stitched pile a couple of years ago and have never regretted it. Life and stitching time is too short to spend it on things you don't really love.

  10. I love this finish and you can be so proud that you made your way through it.
    I think your goals sound doable. I wish you all the best of luck with finishing ten WIPs. The Year of WIPs is also one of my plans and Stitching from my Stash as well. I'm looking forward to seeing your WIP progress.

  11. That is one of my favorite sayings and I've used it on a poster I designed for a display at the library one year. I think your finish looks fabulous!!

    Happy New Year and best of luck with achieving your goals :) I do look forward to those gingerbread ornaments!

  12. Perfect way to start the year with this piece!

  13. Good luck at the march. I think it's fantastic that so many people are going to participate around the country, even though it's sad that it needs to be done at all.

  14. I think that your stitching finish looks perfect to me! I love it! Good luck with all of your stitching goals for 2017. I am sure that you will get there. ... and, oh my goodness to have the chance of being in Washington D.C. for Inauguration Day, that must be amazing. We have all followed the U.S. election with great interest here in Oz.

  15. Love your finish! It looks great to me and I am pretty sure that you will be the only one who notices the mistakes. Good luck with your 2017 goals and Happy New Year!

  16. This piece looks fine to me, so glad you got it finished.

  17. Pretty stitching Melinda, just love the little train and Woodland Peace. I´m trying to sort out some new projects for this year. Happy New Year


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