Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Review - Granny Apples

Ghost a la Mode (Ghost of Granny Apples Series #1) Author Sue Jaffarian
Downloaded for free to my Nook - it is now not free, but the week I downloaded it was.  This gets a 3.7 - so I guess when I do the review I will give it a 4.  Do not read this if you do not believe in Ghosts.  That is key - and I do, so I could get it.  It was once again a fun read, and easy and only 216 pages.  Cute Mystery - not too many twists, some parts predicatable.  But good entry into a series.  Will read the next book in this series. But have not decided what direction I am going.  As I do want to read (or reread) at least three classics this year also

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